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myRevenge vs kombardo
ESEA - 27.07.2014
myRevenge vs Team Playfive
ESEA - 27.07.2014
myRevenge vs dieX
S.K.I.L.L.... - 25.07.2014
myRevenge vs CLUB13
Starladder - 25.07.2014
myRevenge vs ADST
Starladder - 25.07.2014
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 New danish CS:GO Team joins myReven...
 Enrico 'ANNii'" Schütze 21.07.2014 
We are happy to announce a new CS:GO Team. It is a Denmark danish professional Team. Former called "NO SIR" they will play in the future under our flag to be one of the best teams in Denmark. Next to Denm...
 New finnish CS:GO Team joins myReve...
 Enrico 'ANNii'" Schütze 03.07.2014 
We are happy to announce a new CS:GO Team. This team is at the moment only a amateur team but we sure they will be one of our professional teams in few weeks. The name of the team called it that th...
 myRevenge S.K.I.L.L. – Special Fo...
 Dominik 'Big_El'" Müller 26.06.2014 
European Union myRevenge S.K.I.L.L. – Special Force 2 qualifier for Euro Series Summer 2014

Round one: myR VS. AtraX eSports
We won in a very close match, ending at 9:4 in our favor.

Round two: myR VS. Swip...
 Let's welcome our new Battlefield 4...
 CJ 'Ninshalya'" 09.06.2014 
For the first time we can proudly announce that we have a battlefield 4 team. This team is actually playing in ems one, in their a series they are rank 1. We are curious to see how far they can get...
  CS:GO Poland EPS Team
 Christian 'Noir'" Heinrichs 04.06.2014 
After a long time we are back in poland. And typically for us in the premium class, the EPS.

Our new Poland EPS Team consists of:

Wiktor "mynio" Kruk
Oskar "OSKARISHIE" Stenborowski
Mateusz "MOSA...
 Trackmania 2 Stadium: myRevenge vs....
 Niklas 'Beef'" Leuther 04.06.2014 
ESL Competition Premiership 13 (CPS) had it's 3rd playday yesterday and our Trackmania Team had to face probably the hardest opponent in their Divison: Easy.eSports also known as easyKiller (eK), a...
 LAN tournament Open Cup TLP
 Anna 'Elesha'" S. 01.06.2014 
This past Saturday, May 17th, our myRevenge Spanish team went to the Open Cup TLP organized in Madrid, at the Plenilunio Mall.
The team got there on Saturday morning, ready to play. They settled in...
 New Smite EU team joins myRevenge
 Sebastian 'stb'" Kubsch 25.05.2014 
We welcome a new Smiteteam in our lineup.

After a long timeout in the Simtescene myRevenge returns with a new team and a lot of hope!
myR-stb (Manager): “ After a long pause in Smite we decided ...
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